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Education Station: Business Practices

Study your child care contracts and polices to see if you can answer “YES” to the following. By answering “YES” you are on your way toward meeting “best practices” for the business side of your child care program.

• The licensing name and facility number is on all paperwork – rate sheet, contracts, policies, etc.
• Both provider and parent names, including signatures, are on documents.
• Time categories are clearly defined for full day, half day, before school, after school, extended hours,
evenings, weekends, holidays, etc. schedules.
• Contracted or authorized hours are clearly indicated.
• Rates are specified for varied ages, extra charges, deposits, etc.
• Payment term agreements are outlined.
• Sign in/out and child “hand-off” expectations are stated.
• Points for absences are identified – charged or not, illness exclusion and/or return information.
• Closures are indicted and classified whether paid or unpaid.
• Terms for termination and/or trial period are described.
• Notification of tax information that will be provided.
• Procedures for actions during an emergency are clearly outlined.
• Outline of provider’s responsibilities as child care mandated reporters.
• Services and/or materials provided by the program and/or the parent provide are revealed.
• Terms for actions that will be put into place to protect children such as when there are attempts to
transport children without an appropriate car seat or seatbelt or to anyone under the influence of
alcohol or drugs.
• Expectations and/or procedures for providing and updating emergency contact information, custody
orders, pick-up authorization, etc. are detailed.
• Terms for when medical care including administering medications for a child is defined.