Local Child Care Planning Council

Mission: On behalf of Tuolumne County's children, the Local Child Care Planning Council is dedicated to promoting and supporting a community-wide effort that results in a high quality childcare system focused on the diverse needs of all our children.

Vision: All of Tuolumne County's families will have access to high quality childcare offered by well-trained, well-compensated and loving providers. Childcare will be provided in a nurturing atmosphere that contributes to the development of individual abilities and personalities. The care will be affordable, convenient, educational, and tailored to the family. This will result in Tuolumne County's children being competent and successful in school, and in being good citizens in our community.

Purpose: The purpose of the Council is to assess Tuolumne County childcare needs and develop plans to address those needs. The Council establishes priorities for the distribution of federal, state, and local child development funds. It seeks and advocates funding for childcare services and programs. It works with community agencies, businesses, and organizations to support and enhance community childcare resources and services. It promotes and enhances the quality of childcare and development services through public education, provider education and provision of support services.

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  • Community Representatives

    Holly Hutchins, Jamestown Elementary School
    Donna Meiss, County Office of Education

  • Child Care Representatives

    Kelly Thomas, Columbia College
    Kathy Allen, State Preschool

  • Parent Consumers

    Chantal Fowler
    Lalanie DeKnoblough

  • Discretionary Appointee

    Kaitlyn Hanson, Columbia College

  • Public Agency Representatives

    Emily Frost, Tuolumne County Department of Social Services
    Kristin Youngman, A-TCAA Early Childhood Services