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Creating a Good Place for Children

The environment where children live or spend time cared for by a child care provider should be a pleasing place. It should be a changing setting where children can discover and flourish. The following elements in the child’s environment will help them to learn, grow and feel it is a good place to spend in.

• Comfort. It should be a place that offers character and warmth.
• Softness. Children like things cushioned and warm to the touch.
• Security. Nothing is more fundamental than ensuring that each child feels secure.
• Safety and Health. It is most important to ensure a healthy, safe setting for children that include hand
washing, fresh air, clean toys and restricting their contact of ill children.
• Safety and risk. From birth on children begin learning how to protect themselves and develop a sense of
what they can and cannot do. Safety involves learning the proper use of equipment, and the expectation
of their following safety rules.
• Privacy and Social Space. Children learn from participation, doing things together and active exchange of
feelings and experiences.
• Order. Physical order makes our spaces more tolerable. Routines and timetables need flexibility if
learning and caring are to take place.
• Autonomy. Give children the freedom to invent, remake or adapt spaces.
• Morale. Everyone needs a sense of belonging. When the environment is too structured, children can be
afraid, not want to get involved and feel left out. Provide just enough guidance and support so that all
children feel comfortable in the setting.