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Food Safety

Meal time is an important part of every child’s day. To ensure mealtimes are safe, child care programs should work to implement the following safety practices.

• Children are supervised by adult(s) for the entire meal.
• The mealtime environment is continuously monitored to anticipate and respond to safety concerns.
• For children who bring their meals from home that they do not share their food with other children and
their food is labeled with their name and date.
• While eating, children are within the arm’s reach of an adult.
• Children are not allowed to walk or run around while they are eating.
• The area where children are eating is uncluttered and physical hazards removed.
• Tables and chairs are spaced so children and adults can sit, rise, and walk around the table without
tripping or interfering with others.
• Tableware, utensils, and equipment are made of non-breakable materials.
• No sharp knives or forks are used.
• Serving and eating utensils have blunt edges.
• Coffee, other hot liquids and hot foods are out of reach of children.
• Hot liquids or foods are not placed at the edge of a counter or table, or on a tablecloth that could be
pulled down by a child.

Information adapted from: Healthy Preschoolers